Oh my goodness. When you started your business, you didn’t think you’d have to become an expert on website platforms, right?

But here you are, agonising over whether it’s better to build your first ever website cheaply on Wix or whether it’s more cost effective to do it on WordPress. I mean, seriously? You just want to get on and do your thing, are we right?

So, let us tell you why our team work with WordPress and not Wix. We’ll be straight with you – this is not one of those balanced articles that you’ll find all over the web. Our team have been building websites for a combined 5 decades, using a whole variety of programmes and platforms in that time. There’s good reason why we build on WordPress and, generally, run for the hills whenever Wix is mentioned. Let us tell you five reasons why…..

1) The most important reason is that your business will change. That’s a fact. No getting away from it. And your website will need to change with it. With WordPress you are building flexibility into your business right from the get go. Sure, with its 500+ themes, Wix might seem like a flexible option, but once you’ve chosen your theme on Wix, that’s it – you’re pretty much stuck with it. If you want to change or freshen it up 6 months down the line, you’re right back to square one building a brand new site. With WordPress, by comparison, you can slap on a new theme, twiddle the content and it’s like you got a fresh paint job and you’re good to go.

2) You’re an entrepreneur, so we’re going to hazard a guess that you will like being in control of your own destiny. You’re not going to get that with Wix. Their easy peasy drag and drop editor is, we admit, fairly idiot proof. It’s been designed to take the hard stuff out of website design. But what it isn’t is flexible. You might want something just a little bit off piste and, guess what, you’re going to have to compromise. Yep, figured that wasn’t a word in your vocabulary! With WordPress if you need to customise, it can be done. Not always easily, but it can be done. And we like the ‘can do attitude’ that WordPress has…..

3) You are not a coder. Nope, and to be honest, this is the primary reason that most small business owners choose Wix over WordPress. But, here’s the thing, your web-builder is probably not a coder either. Coding is a specialist technical skill that a lot of web builders buy in when they want something really specific (ie a level of functionality that cannot be bought off a shelf, and speaking of shelves, WordPress has thousands of prebuilt plugins full of functionality so the requirement for bespoke coding is fairly minimal at the best of times). So why would your inability to code be the primary reason for choosing a web platform? It really shouldn’t. Take a few steps back and ask yourself what the business needs in a website first. If flexibility and customisation are key to your growth, even in the short to medium term, those should be front and centre in your decision making. If it is, WordPress wins, hands down.

4) You haven’t a clue what hosting is. So what. There are many things in business that need to happen that you may never understand. That’s why accountants exist. And IT people. Why would websites be any different? Here’s all you need to know about hosting: it’s the server where your website lives. Simple as that. Now, like everything in life you can get cheap ones, expensive ones, secure ones, insecure ones (they tend to be more needy than the others) but at the end of the day it’s a place to store all the files that make up your website. Getting it for free as part of your Wix deal is, frankly, not a good reason upon which to base your whole decision. You will get what you pay for: hosting shared with hundreds of other websites, all fighting for bandwidth with each other and slow, slow load times. WordPress sites have some demands when it comes to servers, we get that, but you wouldn’t buy a top of the range Mercedes then expect it to run on cheap tyres now, would you?

5) You’ll probably be obsessed with SEO. Like all new business owners, you’ll read a lot about this, you’ll go to events that tell you that’s what you need to focus on. It’ll be your ticket to getting found online, and then you’ll start obsessing over getting yourself some. We’ve seen it time and time again. With WordPress there’s all sorts of tinkering can be done under the hood of the site to improve your technical SEO, loads in fact. WordPress powers 50% of the world’s websites so it’s a highly developed platform. With Wix, you’re just going to be limited when it comes to SEO. When clients come to us wanting to implement SEO on a Wix website, the best solution we can offer them is usually to rebuild the whole website from scratch on a completely different platform. There’s literally very little we can do. And if we can’t do it, you’ll not be able to do it either. And, as if that ain’t bad enough, the standard technical build of a Wix website directs most of the traffic to their site and not yours on even the most basic SEO factors like meta tags and meta names. Add to this that WordPress domains get upwards of 40% organic search engine traffic while Wix gets less than 20% and you can double your chances of being found simply by choosing the right platform. No brainer.

So there you have it. Seven decades of web building experience distilled into one article about why we choose WordPress over Wix. Our “Websites as a Service” deal is the perfect way for you to free yourself up from the technicalities of website building and focus on the day job. We designed it specifically for people like you: startups who need a quality, flexible website but who don’t yet have the budget to pay for the size of build they need. Works just like a mobile phone or a car contract, financially speaking, and you can get your business up and running as quick as you like.

We’re also powered by real people with real business experience. Worth its weight in gold.

For more information on our packages visit https://www.cunninglygoodwebsites.com/get-started/

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