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How it Works
Websites from £59+VAT /month

We know that every website is different and that’s fine because with a Cunningly Good Website you can choose an option that’s right for you.

First, start with a basic package and choose from a selection of add-ons to make your website fit your business needs.  It’s that simple.

Also, no upfront costs and we take care of it all once your site is up and running. Perfect!

Here’s How it Works

  • Direct Debit Sign up

    To kick off the process we will send you a Direct Debit form so that you can complete it and we can process that straight away.  Once everything has been confirmed we can start your website journey.

  • Agree Domain Name

    You might know exactly what you want, you might not. We’ll register the domain for you and ensure it’s all set up and ready to go along with your selected email address.

  • Agree Sitemap

    Before we start to build, we’ll work with you to map up the pages you want on your site and the order you want them in. We will supply you with a template of a sitemap to get you thinking about how you want your site to flow. You will need to think about what pages you need and the content that you want to include – this is essential as it gives us an understanding of what pages to build and also the order in which to place them.

  • Agree Site Functionality

    If you need your site to do anything specific, for example sell products online, or have an integrated knowledge base we’d agree this first.

  • Agree Build Theme

    Once we know what pages you need and what you want your site to do, we will agree which WordPress theme to build it on. Your Account Manager will give you a selection of sites to choose from to help narrow down your choice. This will drive the look and feel of the site so it’s an important stage in the process.

  • Client to Supply Page Content

    Unless copywriting is specified in your quote, you’ll need to supply us with the text content you want on each of the website pages. Every website needs clear, informative content. We are happy to use your existing content to populate your new site. If you’re not confident with writing copy, our Cunningly Good® publicity team would be happy to work with you to beef it up.

  • Build Site

    This is the fun part – we’ll start to bring everything together and send you a link to our live build site where you can check in with us at any time. We’ll create designs around the chosen theme and work on the look, feel, layout and functionality of your website.

    We build specifically from Chrome which is currently the most popular browser used across the world, however we understand it’s not the only one, so we also test that the site performs well on Safari, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge & Firefox. We will not test old browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or 5.5 for windows or Mac, previous versions of Apple’s Safari. The initial build will be shared with you for feedback and any amendments/revisions will be actioned before sharing again.

  • Review Site/Amendments

    Once we’ve pulled everything together, we’ll ask you to review it and let us know about any changes you’d like to the text, images or layout. We’ll make those amendments and get it to a level that you are happy with before going live.

    Please tell us what you think. If something is not as you imagined it’s better to tell us at this stage and this helps keep the project on track.

  • Technical Testing

    A bit of behind the scenes activity for us, just checking the site works fine on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers and possibly some tweaking to ensure the site is super-fast and all is working correctly.

    Once the site has been agreed we will test the site on all platforms prior to launch to make sure that any design problems have been fixed.

  • Create/Implement Google Analytics

    It’s always good to know how your site is doing. We’ll set up and implement Google Analytics on your site and set you up to receive our tailored monthly digital report so you can track your progress.

  • Site Goes Live

    Usually a very easy process – once you’re ready we’ll arrange to update the DNS on your domain and let you know when you site is visible to the world.

Whether it’s on mobile, tablet or desktop your site will look great and work consistently across the platforms.

SEO is important and our standard SEO is included. We’ll get your site ready to hit the ground running with your content and image tags.

Sent straight to your inbox each month you’ll be able to see in detail how well your site is performing. We’ll show you what to look out for.

All our websites will be built with privacy in mind and with full compliance to the new GDPR regulations.

If the worst happens and your site goes down we can bring it back to life with our super handy daily full site backups.

We’ll maintain your site and complete any technical updates meaning your site will be fully functional always.