You see an advert on your social media feed for a “build your own” version or a “get your website live in a few easy clicks” type of thing!

So, our first thought is…really?

In the business of web building, it is increasingly difficult to prove that the cheapest option is not always the best and in these uncertain times where spending options are limited it is nigh on impossible. You have a limited budget. You need a website to help you shout above the noise of your competitors. What are you supposed to do?

With years of experience building websites for businesses both large and small we think there are a few key considerations you should keep in mind when selecting your website developer.

Are you convinced they have built this kind of website before?
Any good developer should be able to share some great case studies of websites created before. You should be able to find those on your designer’s website easily.

Does your Web designer have their own website?
In simple terms, if they haven’t built their own website effectively, then what hope have you got? Go onto their website and try it out. Do you think it looks and feels professional? Do the links work. Is the information easy to find and read? Are their contact details on there?

Can you find any recommendations on their website?
Every good website should have recommendations. Visit the websites and see what has been built for their business? Would you be happy with it?

Do they offer responsive design?
With over 70% of websites being viewed regularly on mobile platforms any website you want designed must be responsive?  The customer journey should be clear, simple and take you where yu need to go in as few clicks as possible.

You need to be clear on what you want your website to say?
Think about your text, page layout and images. If you are using an agency then they will be able to offer copywriting and SEO optimisation and help with any design requirements you have.

Your website is built, that must be the job complete?
No, it most definitely is not. If your website is to function effectively 24/7, you need security updates and maintenance. Ask your web designer how this will be done on your site? They should offer a maintenance package which takes care of security updates, maintenance of any plugins and themes. All websites need to be maintained regularly, a bit like the software on your phone or PC. These days it is more important than ever to ensure your information is kept safe and secure. If your web developer doesn’t offer this service please ask yourself why?

What about the performance of your site?
How will you know if your website is actually being seen by anyone? Digital reports are an easy way to show how your website is performing, what your audience looks like, what pages are the most popular and where any improvements can be made.

The list could go on and on, but these are a few to get started with. It’s a big undertaking to have a website built. It is often out of the reach of start-up companies to get it 100% right, simply because they often don’t have the budget to pay for expensive developers and maybe don’t have the knowledge to build it themselves.  Most will go down the “do it yourself” route which turns out to be way more expensive in the long run.

In summary….if it sounds too good to be true then it usually is.

At for as little as £59 pm, you can get your site up and running with no hassle. It’s the perfect solution. A real person. On the phone. When you need them. No hidden costs, nothing else to worry about. Website security regularly maintained. No hidden extras. Full access to your site if requested. Real people on a call based in Scotland.

But don’t just take our word for it.  We have some great testimonials from our clients who are delighted with their sites.  Check them out here:

Sound good?  Why not get in touch?

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