Cunningly Good Websites has qualified as a gold agency partner with Flywheel, the specialist WordPress hosting and management platform and one of America’s fastest growing private companies*. It is one of only a handful of British agencies to be recognised at Gold Partner level.

Cunningly Good Websites has been using Flywheel since 2017 to provide specialist WordPress hosting for its portfolio of over 100 websites for clients. The hosting platform simplifies the process of building, launching, and managing websites on behalf of clients, with its easy to use dashboard and streamlined workflow tools. Flywheel ensures all the necessary WordPress and security updates are delivered on Cunningly Good Websites’s clients’ websites on a regular basis.

Cunningly Good Websites is part of Flywheel’s agency partners programme as a gold agency partner, which provides the agency with additional support by prioritising support requests and providing the agency exclusive access to an array of training and development opportunities. The programme also helps to connect Cunningly Good Websites with potential clients across the globe, who may be looking for a developer or agency to assist with their website, with Cunningly Good Websites appearing in Flywheel’s Agency Partners Directory.

Tricia Fox, founder and Managing Director of Cunningly Good Websites, commented: “Having a go-to, reliable, proactive company such as Flywheel to host our clients’ websites is essential. Not all web hosting is created equally, sadly, and ensuring that our clients’ websites stay online all the time is our key driver of success. We have been delighted with the service that Flywheel has provided and we’re delighted to be recognised as a Gold Partner, joining a very short list of British agencies operating at this level. We look forward to developing our collaborative relationship as gold agency partners with Flywheel and continuing to work together to provide our clients with a quality and reliable web hosting service.”

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