Cunningly Good Websites has demonstrated its commitment to cyber security by achieving the Cyber Essentials Management Standard accreditation, meaning the agency fully complies with the requirements of the Government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme and is therefore protected against the most common cyber-attacks.

Cunningly Good Websites completed its assessment in March, subsequently receiving a certificate of compliance from QG Management Standards. The certificate confirms that Cunningly Good Websites met the requirements of the Cyber Essentials Management Standard and that the agency’s ICT defences were assessed as satisfactory against commodity based cyber-attack.

The Cyber Essentials scheme provides businesses with clarity on good basic cyber security practice and by focusing on basic cyber hygiene, ensures that companies and organisations are better protected from the most common cyber threats. Cunningly Good Websites*  is now registered on the National Register of Cyber Essentials Certified Companies.

Tricia Fox, founder and CEO of Cunningly Good Websites , commented: “Achieving this accreditation is rapidly becoming essential for organisations of all sizes. Knowing we have Cyber Essentials certification gives me peace of mind that the defences we have in place will protect against most common cyber-attacks that the agency is likely to suffer. In turn, our clients can have full confidence that their information and sensitive data is secure, and safe from any unwanted attention from cyber criminals.”

*Cunningly Good Websites is a trading name of Volpa Limited

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