During the pandemic it became apparent that websites are a critical part of any business. Any business who was not online suddenly had no way to trade. Our focus in the first lockdown was supporting clients to get their products online. This was the only way they could continue to reach customers old and new.
We spent lots of time improving sites, adding relevant content and upgrading E-commerce functionality so customers could trade and improve their online offerings.

Here’s a couple of staggering facts for you…

• In 2020 there were 4.66 billion active internet users – that’s a whopping 59% of the global population!
• Online spending was up by 34.7% from the previous year to £142 billion

Anyone that thinks a website is an unnecessary expense is missing out on a huge chunk of business. These potential online customers have money to spend on your products and services.

So, what’s changed?

In 2021 we are beginning to see light at the end of the long dark Covid tunnel. As businesses start to re-open and regain some momentum, this is the best time to invest in your website.
It’s no longer about just having an online website presence. You need to be ready for the re-start of the economy and to win all the business opportunities you can.

A common problem is a website taking too long to load, which results in your potential customer getting frustrated and looking at your competitor sites. They buy their products and services instead of yours. Imagine walking into a shop and nobody serving you or asking you if you need help?
Its a similar experience on an ineffective website.

Our “Digital Health Check” ensures that your site is responsive, can be easily found on search engines and performs efficiently when potential customers land on it. Our checks also include SEO, social links and UX/UI. All the basics that need to be in place to ensure your website is working hard for you.

Your website is a living, breathing and critical part of your business. It needs to be nurtured, updated and kept relevant.

Be website aware this year. Take some time to get everything in order and come out of this pandemic in a strong position and give your business the very best chance to grow in 2021.

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